It has been started to rain since couple weeks ago – from the very end of May to early of June which I can tell it’s when the rainy season departures. And It will slow down to finish around end of October. How is the differences between the rain in Saigon compare to other locations like along the coast, Ancient Hue, Hanoi or further North in general?


I am from the South of the country – Tay Ninh province is my homeland where got very famous by Cao Dai temple and it’s the only religion founded in Vietnam and got many followers in Tay Ninh as well as Mekong Delta provinces. So the rain in Tay Ninh is almost the same as the rain in Saigon as well as all provinces in the South of Vietnam. it can be raining every day and it can be raining in the morning, or the afternoon, or the evening, or at night which is unpredictable. I usually feel annoyed by the rain in the South because most of the time, it’s pouring quickly for 1-2 hours then completely stop, and sometimes when I was about to put the raincoat on and it stopped then I kept driving a bit then started raining again – pull over – put the raincoat on – stopped raining – on and on like that for few times till I was fed up and enjoyed being watered. It sounds funny but it actually was not funny at all!
Saigon & The rain
The rain here does not stop your traveling at all. I would say.. I don’t like it’s raining when I am on the way to work but when I travel – yes – It’s new experiences the same as our neighbor Cambodia, and Laos do have same weather as South of Vietnam offers you. Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City is easy to get around even it’s hot or it’s raining days. How do we prepare for rainy days here? I do have couple things which called equipment for the rain 🙂 – Raincoats and flip flop!
Raincoats – During rainy season, I can make a collection of raincoat here because there are almost shops at every corners hanging many kinds of raincoats for selling – As usually I bought a ‘convenient raincoat’ which can be used for few times because I don’t plan to get into the rain all the time. This ‘convenient raincoats’ is easy to buy, cheap to buy and very light to carry or roll it then put it in the backpack when I wanna stop by some visiting places and I need to get inside. Or even I forget it somewhere then it won’t be pricey to buy a new one.
Locals with the rain
Shoes – flip flop! I prefer to wear sport shoes for walking around because it’s comfortable and easy and fast. And I always carry a flip flop with me for cases of raining! Flip flop does not take a lot of room in my bag so It causes no problem to bring one along and actually they are really useful especially when it’s raining. Having wet shoes during long trip and no time to get them dry is really disturbing – dirty, heavy and smelly.. :/
How about umbrella? It might be convenient when it rains without wind 😀
Plastic bags – I don’t encourage myself to use them lot but at some point it turns out quite helpful to cover my purse, camera, phone, and other stuff I wanted to save them from the rain. Or in some cases, I don’t like to get wet hair so I just put the plastic cover up my head then runnnnnnnnn quickly to a safe place lolz.
The more time I spend time on the road while it’s raining, the more I see more things – very local, very interesting!

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