” The host: I wanted to go to school! Me: why? you already have whole business here! The host: like you – you got feet to go everywhere. You got education, you can fly everywhere. I am here the entire life so I still got feet to go around but I cannot fly everywhere like you do. So I wanted to go to school! Me: (silence) – (thinking) – truth it!”

It was short conversation between me and the daughter of the owner of this place and it’s touch to listen to those words coming from 22 years old girl and not yet start school ever. Her family and herself are Muong ethnic group. The property locates 70 km from Hanoi and It took 2 hours by motorbike. I found it via airbnb randomly and I found contact number on their facebook page to just rang up to them and i got fully assistance by Quynh ( from Hanoi to her homy place.

It’s small stilt house which possibly accommodate around 20 people at one time. I was the only guest cause It was early of the week and just spontaneously pop out to this place. I got there quite late when all was covered by darkness so I barely remember how it looked like along my route. Welcome dinner with 6-7 dishes – i would say it’s mixed flow of Muong cuisine and Viet ones, and I also got french fries :).

First impression – the host is so supportive. I got lost and she drove to find me! Bathroom is made my bamboo – really impressed to see how clean it’s. It’s not a fancy ones but it’s more than what I expected at this kind of local stilt house. Cozy and nice design space to sleep over night and with all details of dining space.They also got a small corner for reading! It’s all little perfect things patched together to create the whole beautiful pictures with the most peaceful landscapes surrounded. The simplicity of cages of chickens, buffaloes mingles with sounds of nature and animals in the morning give me such lovely time. Especially, when to see 8 puppies running around your feet – it’s melting all hearts of visitors:)

All I can experience here those I never have back to city life – peace and sound of nature and the friendliness of the host and the neighbors! Not all wanderers are getting lost yeah! 😉



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