This is collection started from 2009 till Aug 2017, I have spent high focus on exploring my homeland and I found that this land is having such various beauties lies in every provinces. We have total 65 provinces from North to South, from West to East, possessing long eastern coast and high mountain ranks along the Western border.

If you said 02 weeks is enough to know Vietnam, I’d suggest to look at this collection first then reschedule your time! Hopefully the visa validation might be supportive to you in the future that will allows you to have more time rather than 14 days waived only.
I come from the South of the country, I can give you opinions about the Southern land and some part of its own culture of the South. Every time you cross to new province, then it’s new things, new rules will be applied. Let them surprise and satisfy you:)

It’s been almost 42 years since it got unified and the tourism industry has been blossomed in its own way. It may upset you someway, but it also comfort you most of the time, it all depends what you are looking for from you traveling experiences, traveling expectation.

My best and only advise to you that ‘Do not set any expectation on things those you don’t know about them yet. Go with it, experience it as it is. And, please do not compare to anything else in this world!’. Ex: when you taste broken rice and grilled ribs in Saigon, we can tell how it can tell the similarity by it looks, not how it tastes like – It can look alike to BBQ ribs in western countries, but should not identify if it’s tastes the same or not. Let yourself identify the local tastes!

Let’s have a glance through provinces of Vietnam!
P/S: Those pictures are not in order so get your map ready to mark 😉

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