Hello, my name is Vinh Dang and my friends usually know me as Vida. I am Vietnamese and I live in Ho Chi Minh City, South of Vietnam where the most going on city in South East Asia. I have been living in Vietnam my entire life and try to visit very few countries outside of my mother land for strictly visa fences to Vietnamese passport holder. But still, I keep moving around!

I love taking adventures to discover new places, to get to know new people, to learn about new cultures. I do photography most of the time I travel, I do write sometimes to memorize things and to share to my people then It came to something that’s called ‘new hobby’ in writing about my journeys.

Even I am not native English-writing but I still keep writing everything mainly in English which is easy for both Vietnamese and foreign friends to follow my sharing.

Happy to have you to follow me but it’s greater if you can come along!


Vida 🙂

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